The IBIS Collection

Spring and summer bring fresh new beginnings and rejuvenation after a winter of hibernation. Butterflies epitomise this metamorphosis, and are the inspiration for the IBIS collection.

Butterfly winged stripes and shapes in two different colourful and dreamy combinations give life to this unique design, named after the beautiful Hibiscus flower that butterflies love. 

Styles in this collection

Design and Production Excellence

Each Cromia piece is designed and made in Italy by a passionate team committed to bringing cutting edge style to the world through accessories comprised of only the finest materials.

Cromia sources its leathers from the best Italian tanneries, paying special attention to the raw hide of the leather, its origin and the conditions in which the animals from which the hide has been obtained have been raised. Cromia selects hides from animals raised in only the best free grazing conditions and in the most ideal locations across the globe.

Cromia leathers are unlike the leathers used in the production of any other designer leather accessories. The unique qualities of most Cromia leathers reflect the specific design inspiration of the Cromia design team, which means that these leathers are customised specifically for Cromia and nobody else.

Each Cromia piece is lovingly hand made, with over 20 unique individuals involved in the production of any one piece. The complexity of the vast majority of Cromia designs requires a significant investment in production time, taking up to a total of 3 hours for each piece.